About Us

Cable Exchange Group is a consultancy, asset management company and innovative infrastructure finance organisation delivering pioneering infrastructure in the poorest and most fragile countries.

Our purpose is to combat poverty in the poorest and most fragile countries through pioneering infrastructure to help economies grow and change people’s lives.

Our vision is enhanced provision of affordable and sustainable infrastructure services in low-income countries and fragile states in order to combat poverty and help economies grow. Financing for these projects should be increasingly sourced through local capital and credit markets; building capacity and resilience in frontier markets.

Our mission is to operate at the frontier of infrastructure development in low-income countries and fragile states to combat poverty. We provide leadership, development capability, funding and finance solutions across the project cycle to support infrastructure provision that results in high development impact and develops local capacity and capability and the financing potential of local credit and capital markets.

The group is constantly striving to meet the growing demand for energy products ranging from gas, light and medium distillates to refined petroleum products. We complement trading activities with highly qualified service and efficiency, which ensures timely and accurate delivery of individual customer requirements around the world.

Integrity and wide participation in the industry have given us the confidence to deal directly with the world’s major dealers. Through a combination of extensive resources and networked access to international energy sources, we have secured partnerships with key global players. As a result, our company has become one of the leading players in the oil and energy market.

We continuously provide quality and reliable services as well as product resources. We strive to be an important partner by providing superior value to customers. Our global operations spanning 40 countries and regions across Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Americas to source and supply specialized types of crude oil to meet each client’s specific requirements. Our commercial portfolio ranges from petroleum products, coal, metals and transportation to fertilizers.

We also strictly adhere to the principle of reliability in the field of distribution. Business is conducted professionally and ethically, with high standards of safety and risk management. This honesty is highly valued by our trading partners, customers and dealers. 

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