The ethos of Cable Exchange Group is characterized by confidence and trust. Founded in 2014, the company firmly believes in its ability to deliver the highest level of technical and service excellence, inspiring the formation of their practice. They instill trust in their team, professional partners, and clients, fostering a collaborative environment to create an exceptional practice. Committed to providing top-notch personal service, they prioritize the growth and development of their staff and fellow professionals, along with contributing positively to the communities they serve.

Cable Exchange Group is a proudly African company offering professional consulting services in infrastructure development on a global scale. Their expertise ranges from specialized engineering and project management disciplines to a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach encompassing all facets of the built environment. They consistently strive for excellence in service and technical delivery, catering to Infrastructure Projects, aviation, healthcare, education, military services, and more. Since their establishment, they have made significant contributions in various regions such as Ghana, North Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, and Angola. Currently, they are expanding their footprint to serve potential clients in Central, East, and West Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, UAE, and beyond. With a diverse distribution of projects, Cable Exchange Group and its Principals have been instrumental in various developments across the globe.

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