Cable Exchange has one of the most sophisticated private investment fund practices in the industry. The success of our practice is based on three tenets:

  • Our purpose is to help clients to make intelligent investments on intelligent terms. To this end we are constructive in all our dealings with others.
  • We are committed to excellence in service by being responsive to client needs and understanding the time sensitive nature of opportunities.
  • We work constantly to develop our practice through innovation to provide our clients with access to leading-edge solutions and strategies.

Building on these values, we bring an unsurpassed depth of experience and a distinctive approach to provide astute advice and assessments of risk, practical solutions, and first-class service for our clients.


We have organised the full range of private investment funds, from leveraged buyout funds, to venture capital funds, to funds of funds, to CDO (collateralised debt obligation) funds, to hedge funds, to mezzanine funds.

We also have organised specialised funds in the natural resources and energy, technology, and health fields. Structuring these funds requires not only an intimate familiarity with the relevant securities and investment company rules, but also a significant amount of tax, ERISA, and industry knowledge. We also have substantial experience in structuring and organising offshore funds and in solving complex problems involved in structuring the internal management of sponsors.

Our expertise is continually reinforced by our comprehensive database of current market terms assembled through review of private equity funds on behalf of institutional investors. We are able to quickly identify significant issues and formulate practical solutions given our extensive expertise in dealing with the structuring of the internal management of fund sponsors.


Funding for infrastructure projects is a complex area, and there are specific challenges involved in creating the appropriate finance structures to manage risks effectively.

  • Project finance requires multidisciplinary teams. Economists, engineers, accountants and finance specialist all need to work together to ensure that a project achieves its funding objectives.
  • The long-term nature of project funding dictates specialist knowledge of the many different institutions, both local and international that offer financing in this sector.


  • Cable Exchange work for both public and private sector, but always working toward achieving a successful project. We have shown real problem-solving abilities, designing finance mechanisms for hundreds of successful infrastructure projects the globe.
  • We help the public sector develop the right approach to procurement.
  • We help private sector partners to get the best out of the process.
  • We cover sectors including health care, education, transport, regeneration and housing, technology, leisure, defence, energy and utilities, waste and renewable, housing, criminal justice and emergency services.


International investment brings growth and sustainable development when the right policies are pursued. International investment includes foreign direct investment, other capital movements and the operations of multinational enterprises.

Cable Exchange Executive Investment provides a forum for international cooperation, policy analysis and advice to clients on how best to enhance the positive contribution of investment worldwide.

Current priorities include: increasing the capacity of developing countries to attract more and better investment; promoting corporate responsibility through Cable Exchange Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises; enhancing the understanding of emerging legal and policy issues relating to international investment protection provisions and arbitration procedures and promoting transparent and non-discriminatory treatment of investment through observance of Cable Exchange Executive Investment instruments.

Reliable and up-to-date statistics are essential for a meaningful interpretation of investment trends for the purpose of decision and evaluation. Cable Exchange Executive Investment gathers and analyses detailed statistics on international direct investment and other resource flows to developing countries and countries in transition and related matters

Professional Support

Cable Exchange Investment is led by a passionate team of marketing leaders with deep industry knowledge and experience in the field of economics, law, branding, Internet strategy, journalism, artificial intelligence, game theory, negotiation, communications, and finance industries that drive strong business results and provider of Information-based market design, implementing and supporting business strategies for consumer, business-to-business and private clients. We have been providing international marketing and investment solutions to institutions, financial intermediaries and individual investors around the world.

Cable Exchange Group is a leading international business consulting and investment management firm offering a wide range of professional services. Each investment consultant has over  20 years experience in the institutional investment consulting business.

All of the professionals are dedicated to serving our clients to the highest standards in the industry. Cable Exchange Group’s long-standing association with leading law and accounting firms, as well as the investment community, enables Cable Exchange Group its professionals to deliver effective, highly integrated and effective management solutions.

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