Waste To Energy

Generate Clean Power

Cable Exchange have become a preferred partner to leading waste to energy, solar energy, biofuel refiners, major oil companies and other commodity companies.

The management of municipal solid waste (MSW) has been identified as one of the global challenges that must be carefully faced in order to achieve sustainability goals. European Union (EU) has defined as Waste to Energy (WTE) technology is able to create synergies with EU energy and climate policy, without compromising the achievement of higher reuse and recycling rates. Cable Exchange  used in this paper is based on two levels. A strategy analysis defines the amount of waste to incinerate with energy recovery considering different approaches based on unsorted waste, landfilled waste and separated collection rate, respectively. Consequently, it is evaluated the sustainability of a WTE plant as an alternative to landfill for a specific area.

Sustainable Waste Management

  • Reduce Landfill
  • Reduce Pollution
  • Reduce Public Expenditure

Rapid Waste Solution

1. Current Problems

  • Increase in waste production
  • insufficient landfill space
  • lack of alternative waste disposal solution.

2. Costs

  • New landfill sites
  • Transport of waste
  • new central site

3. Barriers

  • No ability to export power
  • poor quality of land
  • Lack of government funding

Cable Exchange can help reduce these issues

  • Air Pollution
  • River Pollution
  • Soil Poulltion
  • Landfill Use
  • Generate electricity from the all types of waste, plastics, recyclable and non recycle products.

Cable Exchange Solution

  • Safe waste destruction
  • No need for landfill
  • On site Waste to Energy to avoid transportation of waste
  • High temperatures exceed ability of incineration to destroy all waste matter
  • No ASH as by product that is produced is Oil to be reused to power the WTE plant.

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