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Arif Esa

President & CEO

Arif Esa stands as a distinguished figure in the business world, currently serving as the esteemed President & CEO of Cable Exchange Group. Taking the helm in 2014, Mr. Esa has been at the forefront of various critical roles globally, with his leadership extending into the realm of international finance, trade guarantees, and banking

Notably, his impactful journey includes a recent appointment as Deputy Chairman of the Banking/Finance/Trade Finance Business Council under the International Trade Council (ITC). In this new role, Mr. Esa collaborates with industry leaders to shape the future of finance and trade, exemplifying his commitment to excellence and collaboration.

His exceptional expertise extends to critical engagements, including assisting multiple governments in refinancing and the development of entire nations. His comprehensive understanding of Mergers & Acquisitions has led him to prominent positions such as CFO, COO, and CEO, highlighting his unwavering dedication to excellence throughout his illustrious career.

Beyond his executive roles, Mr. Esa’s influence is also evident in his notable investments in numerous blockchain companies. This commitment showcases his foresight into cutting-edge technologies and his ongoing dedication to fostering innovation.

Author of Banking and Trade Finance Demystified

Mr. Vineet Pawaria is a dynamic all-rounder from India with broad experience of over 25 years in various business development, investment, operations, communication, international commodity trading, negotiations, and worldwide banking.

Founded & invested into numerous organizations, worked & remained more than 15 countries across all continents. With an extensive 25 year of journey in various business he is a dedicated leader committed to driving innovation and growth in the region’s rapidly evolving business climate.

Begun proficient profession after graduation attempted/experienced, acquired heaps of boldness, enough information, experience and created superb contacts in various countries, with banks, diplomats, ministries, and corporate organisations. From that point, effectively runes a metal/commodity trading organisation for an extensive stretch and switched into mining as a financial investor. Dealt with all mining exploration/exploitation operations, Multi Modal Logistics, Port Operations, and commercial operation as a CEO in various countries.

As an experienced entrepreneur, he had navigated the diverse markets of this fast-rising continent. His strategic vision and hands-on approach have allowed him to identify emerging trends and capitalize on untapped opportunities, propelling businesses to new levels of success.

Vineet Pawaria

Board Of Director | President | Mining & Trading

Steve Paddison

President & Executive Board Director

Steve Paddison began his career in the
Electrical Engineering and Communications space
With a talent for building International teams and
systemizing complex processes to create
favourable outcomes for all parties
Steve focused his attention on business building
embracing Corporate Sales and Global Payments
With this as a focus over the past 24 years Steve has built
Banking & Financial and Project Funding Companies
Steve has been an Executive Director of Cable Exchange Group
since 2017.

Mr. Stephen Otchere Adega is a prominent figure in the oil and gas industry, celebrated as the founder and incumbent Chairman of Cable Exchange Group Ghana. With an impressive track record spanning two decades, Mr. Adega has actively engaged in the sector, primarily operating in a private capacity, where he excels in trading crude oil products. His expertise extends to arranging crucial supplies for governmental institutions and downstream traders across the dynamic West African sub-region. Mr. Adega’s visionary leadership and profound industry knowledge have been instrumental in the success and growth of Cable Exchange Group Ghana, cementing his reputation as a respected authority in the energy sector.

Stephen Otchere Adega


Salam Mohammed

Executive Board Director

Salam Mohammed is a distinguished member of the Board at Cable Exchange, boasting an impressive career of over 30 years. His expertise spans various domains, including gold trading, derivatives, critical investment, and emerging economies. With a profound understanding of financial instruments and fund investment & management, Mr. Mohammed has made significant contributions in both private and public sectors, with a focus on oil & gas, commercial, and industrial industries. His extensive knowledge and strategic acumen have been instrumental in the success of Cable Exchange, solidifying his reputation as a seasoned leader in the global business landscape.

Maksim Vysotskii is an experienced Director of Business Development and Communications in ASIA and the CIS with proven experience in the field of economics and management. A visionary leader who founded a thriving wholesale company. Having strengthened its reputation as an inspirer in the field of business development and operational activities. Creation of several production units.Paying special attention to international cooperation, he promoted the export of steel and fertilizers.Now that Maksim has been tasked with expanding the company’s presence in ASIA and the CIS, he continues to stimulate growth and establish valuable partnerships.

Maksim Vysotskii

Director Of Business Development & Communication | Asia & CIS Region

Julio Candray

International Relationship Manager

Julio is a highly experienced financial advisor and strategist, specializing in macroeconomics and fixed income asset acquisition. With a reputation as an expert negotiator in financial operations across Europe and Latin America, he has adeptly managed numerous companies, earning the trust of clients with limited or total power of attorney. Julio’s enterprising spirit has led him to pursue business ventures internationally, contributing significantly to the financial success of diverse sectors. Committed to environmental preservation, he collaborates with government entities and international foundations to address critical humanitarian issues in Latin America. Founder of Blue Vision Consulting Group LLP (Bluevision), Julio envisions playing a significant role in global climate change efforts, aligning actions with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Mr. Coffie is a highly knowledgeable professional based in West Africa, renowned for his expertise in Information Technology (I.T) and Soft Commodity. With a specialized background in these fields, he has established himself as a reputable authority. Additionally, Mr. Coffie possesses extensive trade experience, spanning over a decade, specifically in the West African sub-region, with a particular focus on fossil fuel. His profound understanding of the industry dynamics and his sharp acumen have contributed significantly to his success in the region, making him a valuable asset in the business landscape.

Christian Matthew Coffie

West African Business

Francis Ayisi

chief financial officer (CFO - Ghana)

Francis Ayisi has an impressive career
spanning 25 years in the banking sector, with 15 years spent at the senior management level. He has gained valuable experience by working in four prestigious blue-chip banks across diverse countries, including Ghana, South Africa, France, the UK, and Japan.

Educationally, Francis holds a first degree in geography from the esteemed University of Ghana and an MBA from the renowned Cranfield Business School in the UK.

He has also acquired multiple professional certifications, including being a certified project manager with APMP in the UK, a Chartered Marketer with CIM in the UK, and a certified coach from John Maxwell University. Additionally, he is a Toastmaster, honing his communication and leadership skills.

Dr. Singh holds a Ph.D. in Genetics, an MBA, and has authored over ten Life Science books recognized with ISBNs. In his career with the cable exchange group, he stands out as a seasoned Healthcare and Life Sciences business leader with deep expertise in P&L management across India and West Africa.

With 18+ years of experience in sales & marketing, product development, strategic planning, and R&D commercialization, Dr. Singh excels in transforming business landscapes. His 8 years of experience in product strategy and execution in various African countries are particularly notable.

Dr. Singh’s passion for New Age Technology and strategic communication aligns with the group’s vision. His skills in team leadership, people management, and stakeholder engagement are key to delivering effective program and project solutions focused on client benefit realization. His multicultural experience and innovative mindset make him an invaluable asset in the dynamic cable exchange industry.

Dr Shailendra Singh
Dr Shailendra Singh
MSc | PhD | MBA

Director Marketing & Communication

India & Africa

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